Professional Medical Billing Solutions & Services You Can Trust
Over 20 Years of Medical Billing Solutions Provided to 100+ Providers


Professional Medical Billing Solutions & Services

Our goal is to Increase your Reimbursements and Reduce your Receivables. - "We dont get paid unless you do."

Full Service/Customizable Medical Billing Services

  • Medical claims charge entry/coding
  • electronic/paper claims submission
  • payment processing (EOB's + patient payments)
  • patient statements
  • bank deposits - accounting - record storage
  • scheduling ++ much more

Trustworthy & Professional

We have been providing high quality, trustworthy, full spectrum medical billing services to over 100+ providers for over 20 years now.
We can also help you with:

  • Medicare Provider Enrollment
  • Insurance Provider Contracts

Timely & Accurate Insurance Claim Submission

We handle all private insurance, Medicare/Medicaid and workers compensation claims and keep in constant contact with the payers in an effort to collect payment on the first claim. We recognize that submitting insurance claims accurately and in a timely fashion is crucial to maximizing reimbursement for our Providers.

We Lower Your Overhead/Administrative Costs

Collecting fees for your service is a full-time job and one that you shouldn't have to worry about. Rising fees, lower insurance reimbursements, and ever-changing healthcare regulations have made it harder for providers to get paid. We are here to shoulder the burden of seeing to it that you get paid the maximum allowed for your services & procedures!

Medical Billing is Complicated & Timeconsuming -
WE UNCOMPLICATE IT & Free Our Providers to Focus on Patient Care

CDBilling LLC: Your Professional Full Service Medical Billing Partners!

We strive for 100% complete transparency between You and Your Patients while handling the more complicated & undesireable interaction with insurance companies for both parties.

Thus before the billing process even begins we will handle Insurance Benefit Verification!


Our Medical Billing Professionals submit claims electronically in the HIPPA compliant format. This means faster reimbursements for you. (we also submit paper claims for those insurances that require such action)


Patient statements sent monthly with standard or custom messaging on outstanding balances after insurance has paid.


Our courteous professional and bilingual collections department will answer all billing inquiries from your patients via phone!


Our Medical Billing Professionals aggressivey follow-up on all accounts where insurance hasn't been paid or paid correctly. We appeal all claims when contract terms haven't been honored.


Each month (and upon request if needed more) we provide you with standard and customized reports detailing all aspects of your practice such as charges, payments, end of month/year accounting & more.


Our method of assessing fees is based upon a percentage of net receipts. "We don't get paid unless YOU DO!" However, we can customize a fee structure that best fits your practice and needs.

"CDBilling handles all the coding & insurance issues I have no desire or interest in. By outsourcing my billing/coding with CDBilling, I have increased my income and lowered my overhead and I can focus more on my practice & patient needs & leave the technical billing battles to them."

-Dr Lemon, MD

Medicare & Commercial
Billing Expertise

Workers Compensation

Courier service
to your office

Secure off-site
record storage

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